5 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

5 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

To lose belly fat, it is recommended to eat healthy foods. However, investing in thermogenics is a good way to quickly eliminate localized fat in the abdominal region.

In addition, the exercises are great because they burn the accumulated fat, improve the cardiovascular system and increase the metabolism, making the body spend more energy all day and all night.

5 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

The 5 tips to eliminate belly fat are:

1. Drink green tea

Besides drinking water, one should take teas because they help to eliminate the toxins and help to lose weight. A great example is green tea, which has catechins that help dry the belly, or a diuretic tea such as a dandelion mixture with a leather hat and sarsaparilla, which helps eliminate excess fluid from the body, swallowing the belly.

2. Exercise every day

To improve the appearance of the belly, getting more dry, it’s very easy to do exercise that needs only one minute a day:

Another one of the secrets to burning fat is to run because in running, the body spends the accumulated fat as a source of energy, but in addition to running, it is important to do some exercise like localized gymnastics or bodybuilding to ensure the growth of muscles, which increase the metabolism naturally.

3. Eat more vegetables, greens and cereals

To eat well, you need to make small meals every 3 hours by investing more in vegetables, greens and cereals. Eating fiber at all meals is a great strategy for not getting hungry. Writing down everything you eat by making a food log helps you to be more aware of everything you are eating, making it easier to identify food errors.

In addition, very sweet, greasy and frozen foods should be avoided whenever possible. Food to lose belly should be based on natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and lean proteins such as white meats or tofu. To end the fat in the belly, make regular meals during the day, avoiding moments in which the volume of the meal is too large, thus avoiding the exaggerated production of insulin and the increase of fat mass.

4. Eat high-fiber foods

Keep the bowel functioning regularly with a high fiber diet like fruits and vegetables. This avoids constipation and the use of laxatives that can irritate the intestine by swelling and causing gas.

To help regulate the intestine, invest in seeds such as sesame, flaxseed and chia, by adding 1 tablespoon (1 tablespoon) in each meal. However, to ensure the elimination of feces, drink 2 liters of water, unsweetened tea juice every day.

5. Massage the belly with fat reducing cream

Localized massages on the belly daily help activate blood circulation and shape the silhouette. Additives which must be present in a good fat burning cream are caffeine or methyl nicotinate, such as BioMédicin’s DMAE reducing gel.

It is in the fat that the toxins concentrate, so it is very important to ensure a good hydration and thus facilitate the elimination of them by the intestine and urine, because when there is a large localized fat burning, there is also a large release of toxins through the body, which should be eliminated so as not to cause swelling and lead to premature aging.