50+ and Overweight – How to Dress for Our Age and Size


Be honest with yourself. None of us are happy about gaining weight and getting older. What makes accepting our new age and size even more difficult is having to face our wardrobe every day. For most of us, our closets are still full of dresses, jeans, and shirts that don’t fit us anymore.

Well, if we’re going to cope with our new weight and age, we need to get rid of every single clothing item that is too small. Then, we need to focus on finding something age-appropriate that will flatter our new figure.

Basically, we will have to completely reinvent our style. That means that we will need to learn how to choose cuts, colors, shoes and other accessories all over again. Since that process can be stressful at times, we created this go-to manual to help you find a new look.

#1: Building a New Wardrobe

● Quality shapewear for a smoother silhouette

If we feel like our bodies could use some additional shaping or smoothing out, then we need some shapewear or supporting pantyhose. Once we put it on, it will make the problematic areas on our body look surprisingly good.

Naturally, we will have to try both of them on before actually making a purchase. Whether we opt for shapewear or pantyhose, we need to ensure that it slims down our waist, hips and/or thighs.

Plus Size Corset

● Making dark denim jeans and a white dress shirt our go-to pieces

We strongly believe that every woman needs a pair of dark denim jeans and a white shirt. They can be staple parts of a wide variety of outfits, whether they are smart or casual.

When it comes to jeans, we should look for darker washes and we need to be wary of flashy embellishments. It is important that we have a clear idea of the effect we’re trying to achieve by wearing them. Moreover, if we’re struggling with the midsection, we should opt for a pair of high-waisted jeans. That way, the waistband will not make us uncomfortable nor will it create additional bumps on our body.

As far as the white shirt is concerned, we need to ensure it’s made of high-quality materials. We also need to try it on, in order to find the one that flatters our body.

Large Size JeansPlus Size Jeans

● Buying a two-piece suit

Every serious career-woman needs a suit. Just because we’re bigger than before doesn’t mean we should give up wearing suits.

Much like dark jeans and a white shirt, owning a two-piece suit will give us several options for mixing and matching. So, it doesn’t have to be used strictly for business-related occasions.

It is a good idea to consider darker colors – dark gray, navy, and black have proven to achieve the best slimming effects.

Large Size Blazers

#2: Choosing Age-Appropriate and Size-Appropriate Cuts

● Longer tops for a troublesome midsection

No matter how pretty they are, tops that don’t cover our midsection should not be in our wardrobe. Aside from not being flattering to our bodies, they are also not appropriate for women older than 50. Instead, we should start wearing tops that not only cover our waist but also go down to our hips.

Tunic-style tops, for example, will offer a great slimming effect. What’s more, when paired with some dark jeans or slimming pants, they can seem youthful, yet age-appropriate.


● A-line skirts for heavy hips and thighs

If we’re a bit heavier on the hips, we will want to draw the attention away from them. The best way to do this is to opt for A-line skirts.

The fact that they flare out going down and that they usually have a high waist will help minimize our problematic areas.

Plus Size SkirtsLarge Size Skirts

● Pencil skirts for a plump midsection

Most women older than 50 struggle with excess weight around the waist. If we fall into this category, and we still want to wear skirts, we should opt for the pencil cut. Their waistband is set higher so it will fit comfortably on the body. For the most flattering effect, we should choose knee-length models.


● Pants for chubby legs

If we would rather conceal our legs, then we should, by all means, opt for pants whenever we can.

We already mentioned that dark denim jeans are a must-have item. Aside from that, we can also splurge on a several pairs of differently tailored pants. For example, wide-leg pants are praised for their slimming and elongating effect.

Obviously, we should avoid shorts both because of our age and because of our size. However, no one said that we can’t wear dress shorts. We just need to make sure they are appropriate for the occasion.

● A broad collar for a pudgy face

If we happen to carry the excess weight in our cheeks and neck, we should always opt for shirts and dresses with a broad collar. It will surely draw the attention away from the critical areas on our face.


#3: Picking Out Colors and Prints

So far, we’ve mostly discussed clothing items of darker colors. However, we don’t want our new wardrobe to be gloomy. We’re getting older, not more boring! So, here are some rules for incorporating colors and prints onto our newly formed style.

  • The colors we choose must boost our self-confidence. Naturally, we should opt for our favorite colors first.
  • Darker colors are reserved for problematic areas. Plus, the contrast they will make with bright-colored items will make our outfits aesthetically pleasing.
  • Prints can make us look bigger than we are – we need to opt for subtle ones. For example, we can wear small polka dots and flowers, gingham pattern, and thin vertical stripes.

#4: Wearing Flattering Accessories

Most older women will ask, Can we wear accessories if we’re overweight and older than 50? 
Why, of course we can! And we should. They not only upgrade our outfits but also draw the attention away from our imperfections. For example:

  • Wearing suspenders would draw the attention away from a chubby midsection. We could also consider wearing overalls.
  • If we’re short, we could consider wearing a hat to visually gain a few inches in height. There is a variety of hats that would make our outfits more interesting – wide-brimmed hats, fedoras, baseball caps, etc.
  • We shouldn’t avoid large accessories at all costs. Chunky statement jewelry and watches can help balance out our critical areas.

#5: Taking the New Clothes to a Seamstress

When we start shopping for a whole new wardrobe, we have to understand that we will probably need professional help.

Getting our clothes fitted is always best left to the professionals. A seamstress can make any ill-fitting clothing item fit like a glove. So, finding a professional tailor that will get to know us and help us build our style from scratch is really important.

If we remember to keep all this in mind, there’s no reason why we couldn’t wear our age and size with great pride.