Drinking Plenty of Water Helps You Lose Weight

Drinking Plenty of Water Helps You Lose Weight

Drinking plenty of water helps you lose weight because it helps keep the stomach relatively full during the day, dodging hunger and even improving intestinal transit by swallowing the belly. But the consumption of water-rich foods such as gelatine, watermelon, melon, lettuce and tomato also helps to lose weight because it has few calories and keeps the metabolism always active, also contributing to weight loss.

In addition to weight loss, drinking water keeps the skin well hydrated, soft and free of toxins. So it is important to drink water several times during the day. Preferably, you should start by waking up with 1 cup of warm water or a cup of tea before you start dressing and before breakfast. This habit stimulates the motility of the digestive tract, fighting constipation and moisturizing the body. If you choose tea, drink it without sugar.

Drinking Plenty of Water Helps You Lose Weight

Amount of water we should drink

To lose weight by drinking water, you should drink 1.5 to 3 liters of water or tea without sugar per day, and it is important to drink liquids up to 30 minutes before meals and 40 minutes after. In addition, it is also recommended to restrict the amount of fluids during each meal to a minimum so that the belly does not become swollen and digestion doesn’t be impaired .

The amount of water each person needs to take per day should be calculated according to the following mathematical formula: Your weight X 35 ml. For example: 70 kg x 35 ml: 2.4 liters of water.

7 flavored water recipes

A good idea for anyone who has difficulty drinking water throughout the day is to add some flavor to the water without adding sugar. You can add in 1 liter of water:

  • The juice of 1 lemon;
  • 1 cinnamon stick and mint leaves;
  • Cucumber slices and strawberries cut in half;
  • Ginger pieces and orange slices with peel;
  • Pineapple and mint slices;
  • 5 cloves of India and 3 star anise;
  • A dash of cayenne pepper, which still helps you lose weight.

You just need to add the ingredients in the water and let it stand and remember that the longer you stay, the more intense your taste will get. It is not necessary to crush anything, because it is not juice, nor does it need to add sugar or other sweetener.This is a practical way of adding some flavor and minerals to the water, making it easier to ingest the ideal amount of water every day.