How to Choose Plus Size Swimwear


Comfort comes first when selecting the perfect fitting swimwear. Here are some tips on selecting the most attracting swimwear for curvy body.

Tip one: choose cute bathing suits for excellence

Do you like summer holidays like i do? I have enjoyed the sunshine and let it change my skin color when the temperature is not too high. Every year I buy many swimsuits and bikinis, but they don’t fit with myself, either too big, or too small; either too boring, or too attention-seeking. Thus, i have made my decision to look for suit with the suitable size.

If this is what you are planning to do, first of all you need to look at yourself in front of the mirror. Did you remember the last time you inspect every part of you in front of the mirror?

– In order to find out the best and worst part of your body, it’s better to stare at yourself from varieties of angles.

It’s nothing strange that we are not satisfied with some part of our body, including the supermodels who can also find certain part of the body they are not happy with. But we need to pay more attention to what we have, such as great legs, a generous bust accentuating our body.

Take a thorough look at yourself, especially at the parts you feel proud of. All in all, take advantage of your body shape.

Tip two: swimsuits for girls with large hips

In order to hide your large hips, choose a minimiser swimsuit or a tankini, both of which skip over your hips. Besides, you can select skirts to fit your bikinis. The color needs to be dark plain, and the bottom should be slimming to adequately match you.

As for curvaceous hips, choose a style mixing a hipster and a high waist. To make you feel smaller, don’t wear shorts even though they are black. In order to balance your wider bottom, use frills and brighter colors to accentuate your bust.

Plus Size Bikinis

Tip three: swimsuits for apple-shaped girls

Imagine that your have smaller shoulders and hips than your waist, swimsuits should be capable of accentuating your top area. For example, choose necklines such as a halter or V-neck to deviate people’s attention from your waist.

To gain a visual waist, choose the suit with princess seaming down its front and with creative accents at the waistline. V-necks can make your face look thinner and decrease the size of your waist area.


Tip four: select the best swimwear materials and colors

– As for materials, a high lycra content can be an option, as this kind of fabric can restrict your stomach. The hod should be the “girdle type”. to make your stomach look smaller, choose fabrics with super stretch. Besides, you need to make sure whether your new swimsuit or bikinis is transparent, because when getting wet, some materials became thinner than before, thus showing off every part of your body, including nipples, scars and dimples.

– When it comes to the color, black is favored by most women to disguise their fat. However, it needs to be addressed that pale people are not suitable to wear black items. In view that darker colors can create an instant slimming effect, it’s useful to choose brown, dark blue, deep purple, and dark red.

– Color can be a method to form shape. For instance, printed with an hourglass-shaped leopard pattern, the black swimsuit can make you look like an hourglass shape.

Tip five: facts about selecting a suit

It’s natural that high quality swimsuit builds up your confidence, leading to a perfect journey. No one would like to be in a situation where you are fine with a bikini lying on a beach but once you stand up, you feel constrained and even out of breath.

– Comfort comes first when selecting the swimwear. If you are concerned about your shape having fun at the beach or swimming pool, you should buy swimsuits in a suitable style no matter it is fashionable or not. Prepare to buy your swimwear so that you can feel relaxed with swimwear on. Remember to try on swimwear before you purchase in the physical store. To test the swimwear, follow the step of wearing, stretching, lifting your arms, squatting, sitting, then see whether you feel uncomfortable. You must wouldn’t like to perform too much bottom during squatting, as well as the odd boob expanding in a volleyball match.

– When you have different plans, you can choose to wear different types of swimsuits. For example, if you would like to spend all day long swimming, go for one piece swimsuit. If you carry your children to go to the beach, it’s a must that you have to do a lot of squatting. So to avoid awkward situations with a bikini on, it’s better to choose a high waist bottom. Also don’t chose tie-on swimwear in case that your children may untie your swimwear for fun. Besides, if you don’t have special requirements on choosing the swimsuit, choose a small bikini to tan and beautify the beach.

– What’s more, don’t think you can lose weight and buy a bikini smaller than your present size. It’s easier to gain weight than lose. Just stay true to your body.

Tip six: being flattering in a bikini

– To begin with, deviate people’s attention from your tummy and hips to breasts. Choose styles being cut higher on the leg. As for women with large bust, they need halter-top styles to offer the required support. To hide tummies, it’s suggested to wear tankinis. To hide less than perfect thighs, wear boy-cut shorts and skirts.

– If you have a peer shape, wearing moulded cups instead of flattening ones can balance your shape. Even more, you can add padding to offset your shape and create an hourglass silhouette. Apart from that, use horizontal striping or printed details at the bust line.


Tip seven: support a curvaceous bust with swimwear

It can be hard to support a curvaceous or large bust in a bikini, unless you can make it marvelous. Women wearing a C cup or bigger need additional bust support provided by bra cup in a suitable size. That’s when they need halter type tops.

Take care:

– Purchase full bra cups.

– Women with a large bust need a bikini top that with extra elastic band circling the suit.

– To keep your breast in place, use secret underwire support.

– To have more security and enjoy more coverage at the armhole, choose straps that are adjustable and thick instead of string ties.

– Special contoured bras and flattering necklines can be the option. To create a more slimming effect, select solid colors.

Women with ample breast and small bottom can wear swimsuits with flashier and brighter   bottoms than top aiming at achieving an hourglass figure.


Tip eight: styles for different women

– If you have short legs, choose high leg bottoms.

– To hide the tummy area, choose tankinis.

– If you are endowed with long legs, choose hipsters.

– Slim and young girls are fine with metallic colours, shiny fabrics, and horizontal stripes, which can increase the weight and width of the silhouette.

– As long as you wear bikini in a fitted size, you can look great whether fat or thin.

– Don’t be shy to show off what you got, at least you gain confidence on this point.