How to Combine Dark Garments

To look perfectly good, it is very important to have harmony and balance at the time of combining garments and accessories that we will carry on.

How to Combine Dark Garments
For women we carry a few extra pounds, black will always be our best ally. Although in reality all the dark tones are favorites since they help you look more stylized and therefore it will look slimmer. Designs animal print accessories, can also accompany your outfit.

To avoid carrying the famous look “mourning” is important to know How to combine dark garments for chubby women as for example the gray, Brown or dark blue. Accessories that help to contrast your clothing, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and shoes are also recommended.

If you like to take a look youthful and sexy, then choose a short and basic black dress, accompany it with some tights and a few boots.
Don’t forget that a beautiful necklace, earrings and bracelet, can help give more liveliness to your look.
Wear costumes of dark tones does not have bad taste or be outdated, as you saw in the photos, it is possible to look very good with them. Also take a good cut and have the color of hair that best highlight your face, will also help to see you more Regal.