How to Dress Fat Man

How to Dress Fat Man

Dressing for Men

Choose the right fit.

Even though we tend to think that hiding underneath baggy clothes will hide our size, that’s not true, regardless of our sex. The truth is that fitted clothes look more flattering; on top of that, they are far more comfortable than baggy clothes. What’s more, baggy clothes tend to look unappealing and sloppy, which is never becoming.

Similarly, clothes that are too small will just draw attention to our extra weight and trouble areas. So, wearing clothes that fit is essential.

Don’t buy thick clothes.

We might like an item of clothing that is thick, but we shouldn’t buy it if we are overweight. A heavy material will just add more to the bulk of our body. Thick shirts and sweaters will make us look larger than we actually are. Also, we may sweat in them, which is a common problem among large men.

Avoid casual clothing.

Unfortunately, if we are a larger man, casual clothes won’t look attractive on us. Thin T-shirts and baggy clothes won’t do anything for us. On the other hand, fitted pants and a blazer will make us look good. So, our everyday wardrobe should be a bit dressed up; we will feel confident and comfortable once we find things that make us look attractive.

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Don’t complicate.

It’s smart to avoid patterns and clothes that have too much going on – that will only emphasize our trouble areas and draw attention to our body. If we really like prints, we should opt for minimally patterned items or solid prints. Those will make our shape look good without bringing the eye to it directly.

Maintain standard body proportions.

We should buy clothes that will keep our body proportions intact. For example, if our belly is big, we should avoid wearing pants that sit underneath our gut – that will make our belly even more noticeable. Instead, we should wear our pants at the normal level, around our naval. By doing so, we can mask the extra belly fat and maintain somewhat normal body proportions.

However, if our belly is rather large, and we have trouble keeping our pants up, we could try wearing suspenders instead of a belt. They will fix the problem while making us look stylish.

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