How to Dress If I Am Tall and Chubby

How to Dress If I Am Tall and Chubby

How many women petite and gorditas, envy those high and gorditas, without knowing that they also suffer when choosing how to dress it.

How to Dress If I Am Tall and Chubby

Many high women, avoid striking, wear much makeup and even walking with high heels, not to draw attention by their height apparel… Incredible… but I do not believe it. How to dress if I am tall and chubby?

In this opportunity, and at the request of some of them, today we are going to devote ourselves to advise them, giving them some guidelines that can be put into practice, but it is essential that they know well the form or type of body they have.

1 reduce hips

If you’re a chubby woman, high and wide hips, what you should get is to refine the voluptuous part or most prominent body to achieve harmony in your entire body, how do you do it?… Easy, the first thing is more simple is to use a dress or blouse v-neck or round, but large. Play with 2 colors dress with bodice and skirt is ideal for gorditas high and wide of hip, and if the skirt is with flight at the end wide, besides being trend hips disimulará even better.

  1. no to miniskirts

The minis in a tall woman can make it look a little disproportionate because the legs look longer than normal. Use dark colored skirts, wide, fluid; with the knee, calf and ankle-length and combine them with boots high or tailored to your legs

  1. less accessories

Although you can use them, avoid using many accessories at the same time as sean: necklaces, belts, bracelets, hats or scarves because they can pull many looks because everything is in excess, and perhaps even your size. You can for example combining large and showy necklace with black blouse deep cleavage and cutting Empire. USA an only big accessory set. Avoid looking overdone. Enviably high women and chubbys, have green light to use large portfolios.

  1. It combines as narrow as wide.

Combine jeans straight leg with fitted blouse long sleeves or jacket or blazer fitted without pockets with jeans straight leg used.

  1. rein to your hair.

The high women can opt for any look; long or short. You have the privilege of experimenting with different styles. If your face is very round, choose cuts or styles of hair where your hair falling on your cheeks.

6 usa heels without fear

Not only because they are super feminine, high shoe looks sexy, but women high and gorditas must not be so high. As a recommendation to not your figure is less elongated usa shoes round toe with platform including under the toe, and having chunky heel. But if your legs are too gorditas, you can also use pointed-toed shoes to fine-tune your legs. Use dark shoes with skirts or pants also dark. Avoid shoes with straps at the ankle; unless they are the color of your skin.

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