How to Dress If You are Fat

How to Dress If You are Fat

In order to look and feel well in various occasions, we should learn how to dress for our body type. It’s possible to learn how to do that even if we are overweight. We all have positive features – we just have to learn how to accentuate them and feel confident in the clothes we are wearing.

● Making Smart Clothing Selections

Learn which designs work best.

If we’re fat, we should avoid excessive patterns and horizontal stripes – these will draw a lot of attention to our body, and we want to avoid that. On the other hand, solid colors will make us look slimmer and they won’t attract as much attention.

Also, the tried and true rule is that if we want to look slimmer, we should opt for black. In fact, all darker colors are good choices because they can help camouflage our trouble areas. Bright colors, on the contrary, draw attention to our body and they are less effective at hiding the extra weight.

If we do opt for a pattern, we should choose a vertical one. Any vertical patterns or stripes will follow the length of our body and elongate it, which will make us appear slimmer. We should steer clear of horizontal stripes, though; they would just cut our body off and make us look unflattering.

Pick the right bra size.

We were surprised to learn that many women wear the incorrect bra size on a regular basis. So, to prevent that from happening, we recommend going to a store and getting fitted by a professional. Store clerks can help us and make sure that we are wearing the exact right size for our body.

Wearing the right bra size is very important. If our bra is too small, it will make us look top-heavy; if it’s too big, we will appear frumpy. However, a well-fitting bra can have a minimizing effect on us, especially if we feel we have a lot of extra upper-body weight.

Plus Size Bra Size

Consider buying some shapewear.

If we wish to slim our figure, we could wear shapewear garments under our clothes. That will give us better posture and smooth our lines, bulges, etc. With some good shapewear, all of our clothes will look more flattering on us.

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Be careful with the accessories.

Accessories can also help us appear slimmer. If the size of our belly is worrying us, a belt could help. However, only a wide belt will do a good job at hiding our tummy; a skinny one won’t work. Also, sparkling earrings or interesting headbands can help draw attention away from our trouble areas and direct people to look elsewhere.

Invest in flattering shoes.

Shoes that stop at our ankles or have ankle straps will make our legs appear shorter and cut off the lines of our body. So, it’s better to choose some ballet flats or tall boots. Also, heels are always a good idea – they will make us look slimmer and taller at the same time.

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● Let Your Shape Show

Steer clear of tent dresses and big fabrics.

Many of us think that wearing oversized clothes will help hide our figure. In reality, such clothing only accentuates the features that we are trying to conceal. When we wear clothes that are too big, that just draws attention to the fact that we are trying to hide behind our clothes. Moreover, it makes our figure less distinct. Wearing oversized clothes will just make us look bigger than we really are.

Choose suitable pants.

Once again, we sometimes tend to think that wearing pants that are too big will make us look more appealing. We often think that it’s better to wear oversized pants than small ones (usually because we dread the muffin top). However, both of these options look equally unflattering. If our pants are too big, they will hide our shape and make us look bulky.

A pair of nice fitting jeans will go a long way. If we can’t find a good pair, we can go to a tailor and have a pair custom made. Also, selecting boot-cut pants is a good idea. The style is a bit wider at the bottom and that will make our thighs and hips look proportionate.

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Pick a good skirt.

If we are curvy, we should look amazing in pencil skirts because such skirts go with the natural curvature of our body. In fact, they will hug our body in all the right places and make our hips and thighs look balanced, just like the boot-cut jeans.

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Consider an Empire style or an A-line dress.

Both A-line and Empire style dresses will accentuate our curves and hide our belly, thighs, or butt at the same time. Since the lower half of these dresses is flowing, that will make us look way more flattering than a fitted dress that shows every imperfection or bulge would.

Also, a dress that looks flattering on all women and all body types is the wrap dress.

Plus Size Wrap Dresses

Focus attention on your waist.

It doesn’t matter what size we are – it’s better to show our figure than hide it. The safest option is to emphasize our waist. We could have an hourglass figure even if we are overweight, so we should show that off.

Wearing clothes that fit us properly and draw attention to our features is far better than trying to hide or cover them up. We can use patterns and colors to our advantage; for example, using vertical stripes and/or a wide belt will help accentuate our waist.