How to Dress Our Plus Size Body


Dressing up is an interesting challenge for ladies with plus size bodies. However, if done right, it can elevate our look to the next level.

When we want to improve the appearance of our wardrobe, the first and most important thing is to understand our body type.

Regardless of which clothing item we’re talking about, our clothes will look stunning if we hit just the right size.

In today’s modern fashion industry, there are three main body shapes that are considered:

  1. Pear shape:When the upper body is smaller than the lower half.
  2. Athletic figure: Includes toned, straight and square body shapes
  3. Apple shape: The body’s upper part is larger than its lower half.

While our measurements might change over the course of our lives, but our base body shape and skeletal structure will remain the same.

Dressing Up a Pear Shaped Figure

This body shape is the most common among females. We can identify our body as pear-shaped if our upper body is noticeably smaller than our lower body. Also, when gaining weight, the majority of that surplus goes to our hips and thighs. We may also have a long, slender neck along with narrower shoulders and a narrower back. Additional body features include small to medium bust, more defined waist, and fuller calves.

As pears, we should always focus on our waist, arms, bust, neck, and face. It is equally important to shift our focus to broadening the shoulders. We can do this easily by wearing colorful neck tops. Additionally, cowl necks and square necklines will help in making  it seem like our shoulders are wider.

Focusing on our upper body is key, so we should wear semi-fitted and tailored plus size tops.

As for the area below our waist, we should use comfortable pants to elongate our lower half. Maxi dresses and straight skirts are our best friend.


Dressing Up an Athletic Shape

Females with athletic body types have a well-defined, straight and toned figure. They also tend to have toned arms, broad shoulders, a toned or flat stomach, and square hips.

Athletic body shapes have square silhouettes, no matter what height. Unlike other body types, athletic bodies have a lower ratio of fat to muscle.

With this body type, we will have to create an illusion of curves by wearing certain types of belts and silhouettes.

It’s important that we try wearing plus size tops which are flowy and have sweet details like lace or ruffles. This can enhance our bust line and soften the shoulders. Combining a flowy top dress with a trendy belt to create the illusion of having a waistline, and we’ll look curvier than ever.

Choosing a tulip or bubble style dress or skirt can better outline our hips. If we have wide hips, we can balance our curves by choosing a skirt or dress that has details along the hemline, so that it draws the eyes to a different area.


Dressing Up for an Apple Shape

This particular body type seems to be the most challenging to dress. But, in contrast to the other two, it is the easiest to camouflage. Ladies with this body type will generally have fuller breasts, along with a wider back, slimmer arms and possibly broader shoulders.

This body shape usually gains weight in the midsection. Fundamentally, our upper body is larger than our lower half.

Having slim arms and legs can be used to our advantage. We can look slimmer and more in shape when fitted with the proper silhouette.

Empire waist tops can help draw the attention away from the stomach area. Also, picking a plus sized top with deeper V-neck to keep moving eyes upward is also a great option.

Because apples are more top-heavy, we want to choose plus size dresses or skirts that have a fuller figure, and try for styles that are more natural to our waistline in order to hide the larger midsection of our body.