How to Dress to Impress While Being a Heavily Obese Girl


There’s no need to feel self-conscious about your body, no matter what size you are. It took me a while to realize that when it comes to beauty, there is no weight limit.

You shouldn’t be intimidated by the skinny models shown in magazines and on runways. You can look stunning whether you have an athletic build, a curvy figure or you are a heavily obese girl. That’s why in this article I will help you choose flattering clothes that will allow you to walk the streets with confidence.

So, let’s check out some styles for heavily obese girls!

Find out your body shape

The very first thing you should do is to determine what body shape you are. For reference, there are 5 main body shapes:

  1. Pear shape
  2. Apple shape
  3. Hourglass shape
  4. Cone shape
  5. Straight shape

Basically, by discovering what body shape you have, you can easily choose clothes that will flatter you in all the right places, while also hiding any parts of your body you don’t want to emphasize.

What I like to do is stand in front of a mirror in a bodysuit and check out my proportions. You can also do this in your underwear if you feel more comfortable.

The pear shape

First, I determined which half of my body is smaller. If you have a smaller upper body, and your butt, thighs, and hips carry most of your weight, then you are a pear shape. I’m not 100% pear-shaped, which is quite common. However, if you fit into this category, here is what clothes you should avoid:

  1. Baggy T-shirts will make your upper body seem bigger than it is since the bottom half of the shirt will cling to your hips. The top half will in return form a “tent shape”.
  2. Baggy pants will also cause the lower half of your body to appear larger than it actually is.

Instead, you should consider wearing form-fitting pants, leggings or skirts. For example, I like wearing legging with a thigh-length skirt. On top, I like to add a fun top that attracts the eye. Also, I like to add plenty of jewelry to enhance the overall effect.


The apple shape

In contrast to the pear shape, apple-shaped girls carry most of their weight in their midsection. Now, I don’t fit into this category, but if you do, then here is what you should consider wearing:

  1. Tank tops are great for showing off your arms, which are one of the best features of this body type.
  2. Tailored skirts and pants will give your legs a sleek and smooth look.
  3. Sleeveless turtlenecks will make your upper body appear longer than it is.

The main goal is to create a balance between both halves of your body.

The cone shape

Girls that have a cone-shaped body tend to have a large bust and wide shoulders, and a small lower body section. If you have a cone-shaped body type, here’s what will look good on you:

  1. Flare skirts and flare jeans will make your body seem more proportionate.
  2. Plain shirts with not a lot of details will draw less attention to your broad shoulders, and more attention to your lower half.
  3. Cargo pants with big pockets.

With this body type, you should wear clothes that make both halves of your body look proportionate.


The hourglass shape

Although I said I was mostly pear-shaped, I also found some similarities with the hourglass-shaped body type. I have a smaller waist with wider hips and a round bust. Now, if you have this body type, you should accentuate your waist as much as possible.

Here’s what I like to wear, and what you should also consider wearing:

  1. Wrap dresses that taper to the waist, and hug your shape.
  2. V-neck shirts help accentuate the bust.
  3. Leggings and a form-fitting

With this body type, wearing baggy clothes is out of the question. Although I love wearing black leggings and a big T-shirt, this combination only looks good if you’re wearing it to bed. 


The straight shape

If you have a straight shape body type, then you can go crazy with layers and accessories. Unlike the other body types, this shape is completely proportional, so I won’t tell you what NOT to wear. Instead, here are some suggestions on what clothes will look flattering on you:

  1. You can wear baggy shirts and jeans, for a casual look.
  2. If you’d like to enhance your curves, you can wear a wrap dress that flares out.
  3. Cargo pants and a slim-fit shirt will look great on you.


The best clothing for heavily obese girls

Now that you’ve determined your body shape, let’s go shopping! But before you go to your favorite store, let’s see what you should look for. It’s good to be prepared, or else you’ll end up spending hours at the mall.

Look for fabrics with structure

I know that lightweight fabrics may seem more comfortable, but since they tend to cling to my body, I like to skip them altogether. Substantial fabrics help my shape look smooth, and also conceal any unwanted undergarment lines.

Try out different styles

I stayed in my comfort zone for quite a long time. Mostly because I felt like my clothes were like a security blanket. However, as soon as I started trying out different styles, I felt great! Moreover, my confidence grew as I tried on all these different clothes. Don’t hesitate to experiment as much as you like.

Accentuate your best features

Show off whatever features you like the most. Even if it’s way out of your comfort zone, give it a try. If you like your shoulders, wear a shirt that exposes them. If you like your bust, find a cute shirt with a plunging neckline. Whatever makes you feel good will boost your confidence. And there’s nothing more gorgeous than a confident girl!

Try out different hairstyles

I don’t know about you, but I just love to experiment with my hair! For example, I like to try out a different hairstyle every time I go out. That way, I compliment my outfit even more.

Also, I tend to wash it quite often, but I don’t shampoo it every time, so I don’t damage it. Moreover, I let it dry naturally, and don’t use hot tools when styling it.

Oh, and hair accessories are a must! Cute stylish clips, colorful headbands, and hats always manage to add a special touch to my outfit.

Experiment with makeup

Once I’ve chosen what I will be wearing and styled my hair, I like to experiment with makeup. First, I like to apply a liquid foundation, and then hide my blemishes with a concealer. When I’m happy with how my skin looks, I apply my setting powder.

Since I like to accentuate my eyes the most, I apply a dark eyeliner, and then I curl my lashes. After that, I apply a dark mascara to my lashes. However, I sometimes like to experiment with a colorful mascara. Try it out!

If I want to brighten my face, I apply some blush onto my cheeks. I usually like to use a bubble-gum pink or a bronze color.

And that’s it! I always feel great when I finally finish applying my makeup, and you will too.


Remember, you should embrace your body, whatever size you are. Don’t waste so much time thinking about what other people will think. Confidence should be your number one asset.

After all, a confident girl is a beautiful girl!