How to Look Sexy – A Guide for Big Women

How to Look Sexy – A Guide for Big Women

How to Look Sexy - A Guide for Big Women

The society often tells us that in order to be beautiful, we have to be skinny. However, that’s not true. Big women and girls can be radiant and sexy, without a doubt. To look our best and our sexiest, we need to love our body and feel confident in our skin.

A Sexy Style

  • Embracing our curves

Although it is sometimes tempting, we shouldn’t hide our belly or cover our body in a sea of fabric. Instead, we should wear clothes that fit our shape. Putting on a bodycon dress or a form-fitting top shouldn’t scare us. To be sexy, we have to love our curves and show them off.

In order to pick out the colors and styles that bring out our natural beauty, we should take some time and examine our skin tone, as well as the shape of our body and face. It’s also good to remember that a fit and flare dress and a pair of good heels always look flattering.

Dress for Plus Size Women

  • Showing off our skin

Many plus-size models are wearing crop tops nowadays – we should try them out, too. With a high-waisted skirt or a pair of high-waisted jeans, a crop top that shows off a few inches above our tummy will look becoming.

It’s a good idea to show off a body part that we love; it can be our butt, stomach, or legs. Once we finally become brave enough to show off the skin we love, we’ll feel and look our sexiest.

Skirt for Plus Size Women

  • Tailoring our clothes

If we find a piece of clothing that we like but it doesn’t fit us properly, we can buy it nevertheless and take it to a tailor to have it fitted specifically for our shape. The good news is that these alterations aren’t pricey – we can get some pieces tailored for less than $20.

When we put our tailored clothes on, we will look our best!

  • Wearing bold makeup

A dramatic smokey eye look never goes out of fashion. By adding a black eyeliner, some dark eyeshadow, and two coats of mascara, we will instantly look sexy. We can also fill in or accentuate our eyebrows, which will give our face a shape. A bold red lipstick is also a good idea. If we dislike red, we can opt for a toned-down, subtle pink shade. Finally, we shouldn’t forget to put some blush on – that will define our face even more. The blush should go from our cheekbone to our temple.

  • Accessorizing subtly

There’s no need to over-accessorize – that will only make our look too busy. Instead, we can opt for a bold print, for example. That’s a better choice than a statement necklace. Also, a few thin rings or a subtle pair of earrings will do wonders, too. Another option is picking a simple pendant – that will go well with a plain top that has a high neckline.

Being confident

  • Paying attention to our posture

With proper posture, we will feel and look confident. It’s important that we always remember to pull our shoulders back and let our back be straight – that will make us feel empowered, self-assured, and sexy. Once we start feeling that way, we will start acting it too.

  • Thinking about our best moments

We need to remind ourselves of the time when we were our best self: confident, captivating, and sexy. Thinking about those times, envisioning ourselves, and breathing deeply will make us feel good about ourselves.

We can also think about situations that are ahead of us. For example, if we have a job interview, or a party to attend, we should envision our best self in those situations.

  • Looking in the mirror

Every morning when we look in the mirror, we should find some things about ourselves that we love. Then, we need to consciously think about those things for a few minutes at least. Focusing on the things we like will make us feel good while thinking about parts of our body that we are not happy about will make us feel miserable.

  • Resisting negativity

Our society often criticizes big women, which isn’t justified in any way. Unfortunately, that can affect us, making us feel like we can’t be happy, stylish, or healthy. In reality, such negative comments are just hurtful, but they are not true. So, we shouldn’t let them get us down. We could hang out with other plus-size women and fight these negative remarks with compliments and positivity.

  • Limiting our exposure to what the media is serving us

More often than not, the media promotes only celebrities and models who are thin. The reality is that most models are airbrushed; the pictures we see on the Internet and in magazines aren’t realistic.

Instead of looking at these skinny models and feeling bad about ourselves, we should start following some plus-size bloggers and models on Instagram. By doing that, we will see that plus-size women can look stylish and beautiful, too. Also, there are many body positivity campaigns on the Internet, and we can look for those as well.

Taking Care Of Our Body

  • Eating healthy, delicious foods

While living off of quinoa and kale might be a bit exaggerated, we should nourish our body. Making a healthy, balanced diet plan is a good idea.

Here are some tips that will help us get started:

  • A third of our calories should come from proteins (lean meat, beans, nuts)
  • Staying hydrated is essential – we should drink as much water as possible
  • Avoiding alcohol is also important
  • Finally, we shouldn’t give up on the food we love. Eating everything but in moderation should help us feel and look our best. Even ice cream is OK in small portions.
  • Exercising regularly

Even if our goal isn’t to lose weight, we should exercise three to four times a week – that will make us feel healthy and sexy. Also, it will tone our body, making it attractive. We can try yoga, pilates, spin classes, strength training, jogging, or even brisk walking – whatever we choose, we won’t make a mistake.

Exercising for 20 to 30 minutes at once is more than enough – that’s actually more than an unfit thin person could do. Being plus-size doesn’t mean being out of shape. Also, if we dislike exercising, we can make it fun. Backyard sports, walks with our friends, hiking, or playing in the pool are all amusing activities.

  • Sleeping well

Good sleep is vital – it will keep our memory sharp and our mind creative. Moreover, it can help us live longer, prevent depression, and keep our weight healthy and stable. We need to make sure that we’re sleeping well every night.

Here are some sleeping tips:

  • If we have troubles falling and staying asleep, we should take melatonin before going to bed. This natural supplement will help us fall asleep easily.
  • Before we go to bed, we should turn all of our screens off. That goes for our cell phone, too.
  • We shouldn’t use our bed for anything else than sleeping and having sex. If we want to read a book or watch TV, we shouldn’t do that in our bed.
  • Drinking caffeine can keep us wide awake, so we shouldn’t drink it in the afternoon.