Mastering the Art of Being a Curvy and Beautiful Woman


When it comes to being a beautiful curvy woman, there are no weight requirements. If we have been blessed with curves and a gorgeous hourglass shape, we should be confident to show off our breathtaking curves!

Here is how we should do it:

  • Highlighting the waist

If we have a waist, we should definitely make the most of it. Our waist will give our hourglass figure the right balance and make all those shapeless women envious.

However, if we don’t have a waist, we can create the illusion of one and still look flattering. A large jacket with a belt will do the trick and make us look slim.

  • Wearing high heels

Marina Rinaldi said that “for every centimeter of our heel, we lose a kilo”, and we couldn’t agree more! Heels make us look leaner and taller.

However, if we are not used to wearing high heels on a daily basis, our feet might start hurting quickly. In that case, it’s best that we opt for boots during the day and wear our stilettos in the evening; that will help us prevent foot ache.

Here’s an additional tip: we can wear a suit that has a belted jacket and a pair of heels – that will make us look instantly slimmer.


  • Accentuating our best assets

To look our best, we need to follow our curves and enhance them. Look at Jennifer Lopez, she knows how to work her curvaceous figure. But, we are not all Jen.

If our bottom is toned and peachy, we should wear dresses that fit in all the right places and show off our assets.

If we’re tall, we should make the most of our long legs by wearing shorts. The key is to dress up our curves subtly, not to hide them.

Finally, if our curves resemble those from the 1950s, we can simply nip our waist to show them off.


  • Showing off some cleavage

Everyone within a 3-mile radius is jealous of our big breasts, and men can’t help but stare in awe. So, why shouldn’t we show our cleavage off (without exaggerating, of course, we wouldn’t want to make anyone feel inadequate)?! Open blouses, plunging neckline dresses, trench-style coats and jackets are the best for flaunting our upper assets.