Urban Style for Chubby Women

Urban Style for Chubby Women

For starters, the style is not a matter of size. If you are a women who loves urban fashion known by others as Street style;

Urban Style for Chubby Women

That style whose garments are lightweight and allow you to be super comfortable during the day, a fashion that dressed up people in the streets with their own style; but you have a few extra pounds… Don’t worry, here are some ideas so that you can combine your clothes.

Firstly, the urban for gorditas consider it as a look yours, your same play with your imagination, you can opt for some dark pants semi skinny.

The Poles, blusitas or sweaters must be baggy, choose a color that gives contrast to your pants.

Shoes make the look more casual and you can combine it with leggings, you will feel super comfortable.But also remember, that not only this urban for gorditas style goes with shoes but also low heels or ballerinas.

Finally, choose a bag that combines with your shoes, I assure you you will be spectacular. Note that this style is free so do not torment yourself and trust your good taste.

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