Frequently Asked Questions


About Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliates Program?

Hoticle affiliate program is a performance-based program which allows webmasters to monetize traffic by publishing our products and earning commissions for each order generated. It is 100% FREE to join our affiliate program.


How Does the Affiliate Program work?

As an affiliate, you can create a store with Hoticle and promote your store page by posting a link to it on other websites. You will receive a commission when someone places an order for products in your store. Here are how affiliate works:

1. Register an account.
2. Add products to your store.
3. Publish your store page on any of your online marketing channels: blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, popular social media sites, etc.
4. You get commission when your visitors follow your affiliate link to Hoticle and submit a paid order within 30 days of their initial link click.
5. You can earn commission on that sale 30 days after their order payment.


About My Account

Can I change my email address or password?

Yes, you can change either or both.


Can I change my affiliate ID?

No. The affiliate ID is linked to your store page. If you really need to change ID, you will have to create a new affiliate account.


How many products can I add to my store?

The max is 200. We believe this figure is enough for most affiliates. You can write to us, however, if more products are necessary.


How do I remove products from my store page?

On your store page, you can delete products by clicking delete icon. If you don't see such an icon, please login to your account on


About My Commission

What is Hoticle's commission rate?

It is 9.5% for all products.


Is there any minimum for me to withdraw?

Yes, it is $20.


How can I withdraw my commission?

We offer two ways: PayPal and wire transfer.


How do I view my commission record?

Log in Hoticle Affliate Program and click "My Account".


About Publishing

Can I create an affiliate website, social media page or blog?

You are welcome to create a website, blog or social media channel. But please make sure the visual style and appearance of your channel cannot be similar to Hoticle's official channels. The following are strictly prohibited:

• Displaying Hoticle in your profile name.
• Showing the Hoticle logo on the profile picture, page header or site logo.
• Communicating as a representative of Hoticle.


Can I publish a single product rather than my store page?

Yes. You can do so by adding "?af-xxxxxx" after product URL address. Make sure to replace xxxxxx with your own affiliate ID.


Who can I contact if I have question or need help?

You can email [email protected] if you have any questions.