Cancel an Order

I Want to Cancel My Order

All of our products can be cancelled before they are processed. If your order is unpaid, you can easily cancel your order by yourself. If your order has been paid, you can contact us to learn whether your order has been processed. Once your order has been processed, it can no longer be cancelled.

Why Was My Order Canceled?

Your order may be canceled by Hoticle for the following reasons:  

  • Wrong shipping address. When there is not a clear and defined shipping address, we email the customer for a new address. If we do not receive reply within 4 business days, we will cancel the order.
  • Wrong contact telephone number. We will cancel the order if we cannot get in touch with the customer to confirm certain details by email or telephone after 4 business days.
  • We will cancel the order if we do not receive reply within 4 business days when emailing the customer for confirmation about the color, measurements and size of the chosen items.
  • Customers place a duplicate order. If a customer place two orders for the same items, same quantity and same size, we will cancel one of the orders as we realize this is a mistake.
  • We will cancel the order if the customer needs the order delivered before a certain time which we cannot fulfill.
  • Item selected is out of stock. If the item that you have ordered is out of stock, we will contact you at once and offer the option of a replacement. If, after 4 business days, we do not receive a reply, we will cancel the original order.
  • If the product fails to pass our quality control tests, we will contact you immediately to negotiate a replacement. If after 4 business days we do not receive a response we will cancel the order.
If a customer’s order is canceled for one of the above stated reasons we will ALWAYS offer a full refund.

Time for Receiving a Refund

The payment method you selected determines the length of time you receive the refund. Following are the expected times for receiving the refund after it has been confirmed by our customer service team:

  • Credit card: 3-8 business days
  • PayPal: 3-5 business days