Gem County, Idaho Zip Codes and Map

Buying plus size fashion on hoticle should be one of your best shopping experience on the Internet. Here we offer postal code list in Gem County, Idaho. You can pick one that is associated with your city location and fill out during checkout. In addition to 6 zip codes, the following table also lists area code that serves as the prefix of phone number in Gem County, ID.

List of Zip Codes in Gem County, Idaho

# State Postal Code City/Town County Area Code
1 Idaho (ID) 83617 Emmett Gem County 208
2 Idaho (ID) 83617 Montour Gem County 208
3 Idaho (ID) 83636 Letha Gem County 208
4 Idaho (ID) 83657 Ola Gem County 208
5 Idaho (ID) 83657 Gross Gem County 208
6 Idaho (ID) 83670 Sweet Gem County 208

Map of Gem County, Idaho

Map of Gem County, Idaho

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